What’s the “floating shelf”?

The floating shelf is a 1/16 inch thick, aluminum reinforcing unit, which is completely perforated with 1/2” holes. The shelf, when combined with surfacing tiles top and bottom, and the final grout, provides a structurally reinforced tiled shelf at the location the installer desires rather than a pre-set location dictated by the product manufacturer!

The floating shelf unit is sized to fit within the grout joint of the vertical wall tile placed inside the Recess-It. This allows the installer to align the shelf with the existing layout of the wall tile without compromise, time consuming tile cuts, or layout issues.

The floating shelf unit may be used with any Recess-It product. Even the 614 when mounted vertically (ideal for a leg shaving foot rest), can use the floating shelf for a divider (razor rest!) just by easily cutting the shelf piece in two with aviation/tin snips.