Over 20 years of manufacturing shower products in the USA


Use these all the time for custom showers. Simple to install, major time savings over building your own.

Recess-It, Tools For Flooring

  • “Better-Bench is a very easy way to put a seat or shelf in a shower. We have installed this product in over 50 showers and the owners love them.”

    The Tile Guys, Inc., Distributor

  • “This has to be the easiest way to build a bench. I installed this for a customer. I put a 2x4 horizontally between the studs where the bench was going to go. This way all screws but one were directly into a stud or wood. If you're a good mud person, installation is a snap. If you've never mixed or set mud before, practice beforehand to get your perfect mix. I made my mud much wetter when mudding the front side as that was the trickiest part. Great product at a very fair price! ”

    Tiling Solutions, Remodeler

  • “This is a great product. I have been using it for years in custom shower installations, and customers love it. It is very easy to install (takes maybe an hour, max, including mixing your deck mud). It's easy to sell. Keep a picture in your portfolio to show. Everyone wants it. It sells itself. I have never done a custom shower without one. ”

    Tile Guy, Purchaser

  • “The Innovis Recess-It is by far the most convenient "Pre-Fab Niche" assembly I have come across yet! Placement is virtually limitless, It's the way to go.”

    C. Alva, Purchaser

  • “I love the boxes... has the slope you need and thick metel. Textured for mortar. I have 2 of the narrow ones in my downstairs shower.”

    Jeremy C., Homeowner

  • “The Better-Bench is my favorite style of shower bench. I like the openness underneath. It leaves a clean stylish look to any shower. Can even be used after tile has already been installed! End result is very sturdy and WILL hold it's weight”

    Roach, Purchaser

  • “This bench is so much easier to install than the typical shower bench. We are very pleased with the outcome of this product, and it holds more than twice the weight as the standard "build it yourself" shower bench. A definite recommend!”

    thatlittleangel, Homeowner

  • “It was too wide to install in my shower. BUT...after all walls up and blocked crossways with wood between metal studs, trimmed equal length off each of two sections and fits perfect. Tested it with friends standing in it installed and it held 365 pounds of weight. So is great. Oh, and used corbel triangle for a great shelf in corner on opposite end of shower.”

    Laina B., Remodeler

  • “I would buy this product again and again!”

    Mary, Homeowner